Ballz Deep

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Ballz Deep

With his wife away working, Dale Savage Ballz has his hands full with his teenage son Trevor Harris Ballz and foreign exchange student Carter DelRey. Dale’s wife sends her stepbrother Roman Todd to Dale to give him some help but Dale doesn’t know that Roman is going to give Trevor an extra special type of help.

Coach Dillon Diaz is worried about having messed around with Carter DelRey. He sees that Trevor Harris is friends with Carter at practice and calls Trevor into the locker room/gym to figure out if he’s fucked for fucking with Carter. And oops. He ends up Ballz Deep in Trevor.

As if sucking off Coach Diaz before Trevor could wasn’t low enough for Carter DelRey, the mischievous foreign exchange student continues to one-up his friend by getting down with Trevor’s dad and step-uncle. It doesn’t take much for Carter to get Mr. Ballz (Dale Savage) and Mr. ‘StepUncle’ (Roman Todd) to give him their dicks.

Starring: Dillon Diaz, Carter DelRey, Dale Savage, Roman Todd, Trevor Harris

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