Excessive Fuck Games

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Excessive Fuck Games

Excessive fucking games? Does such a thing really exist? Well, let you be the judge of that, as a collection of horny young hotties join you in debauchery for the kind of unfettered twink sex you’re unlikely to ever tire of. Casey Xander, Aaron Martin and Jack Presley are just three of the blue-eyed hotties who will melt your heart and make your dick hard; they kiss, recover and ultimately fuck with the kind of high-octane excitement you probably expect from guys their age. Believe us when we say they don’t hold back for a second, and as a result, not a second passes before these guys get the kind of ride they dream about. No wonder they are soon thankfully erupting in all directions like volcanoes!

Length: 1 hrs. 35 mins.

Production Year: 2022

Studio: Boy Crush

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