Get a Room Too

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Get a Room Too


Get a Room Too takes you back to the Cathedral City Boys Club (CCBC) near Palm Springs, where clothes are optional, and where fucking hot guests naked is also your choice. If you’re humping a sexy daddy on the club grounds, why go to the room when you can fuck his hairy hole right then and there? Directed by Tony Dimarco, the award-winning film “Get a Room” shows eight tough guys arriving at CCBC ready to cruise, fuck and suck wherever and wherever they can. With these insatiable men willing to fuck you openly for all to see, you really never need a Get a Room Too. After a swim in the resort pool, hard as a rock Isaac X signals stranger Alpha Wolf to follow him so they can get even wetter in a hot session of 69 and bareback fucking. Bo Butler, who has just arrived at the CCBC resort with no clothes on, meets the horny and rambunctious Rodrigo Amor, who soon leaves him and his hairy body covered in a sea of hot cum.

The naked sunbathing Rhine needs help rubbing oil all over his body, and Ian Holmes happily helps his fellow vacationer. But the oil session quickly heats up when Reign uses his suspended cock to flush it down into an obliging stranger with random passersby sitting just a few feet away. After checking out the various rooms at the resort, Chad Hammer stumbles upon Alpha’s room and goes inside for anonymous sex, which is filled with rough play, intense spanking and extreme dirty talk. While walking around CCBC, Bo and Alpha stumble upon Isaac X servicing Chris Damned’s huge hunk of meat in the open yard. Bo’s hairy hole quickly becomes a group favorite and gets blasted by the studs, who end the public hookup by pouring their creamy ropes all over the bottom’s face, privates and torso.

Length: 2 hrs. 11 mins.

Production Year: 2021

Studio: Raging Stallion


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