Guys Only Retreat

DVD Porn GayAugust 27, 2022

Coach Shay has taken his star player on a retreat out in the woods for some time off. Brandon has had a crush on Shay for a while, and since his team mates left for a hike, he decides to take a chance during some one on one time. It’s another beautiful day and Trenton Ducati is in his yard relaxing and spraying himself with some tanning lotion. He spots the much younger Chris in his neighbor’s yard, swimming in the pool – Chris visits his Dad’s house every summer, and has no idea that Trenton has the hots for him, or wants his hard cock deep in that young college boy’s ass. Will this be the summer that it finally happens? Chase is up at the cabin with his dad for some boys-only relaxation, but he decides to stay in alone instead of going out on a hike. Chase heads into his room to relax in his undies, but soon pulls out his dick and begins to stroke it. His dad’s friend Adam comes by to look for his bag, but catches Chase beating off instead. Mickey has been cleaning the pool for Vinnie’s big party, but Vinnie shows up and starts splashing water all over Micky, so they head inside to dry off. Micky comes back with only a towel to cover his hard cock and Vinnie is laid out on the couch waiting for him. Also staring Myles Landon and Josh Hunter, cum take some time off on this much needed guys only retreat!

Starring: Josh Hunter (II), Mickey McKenzie, Vinnie Stefano, Chris Abbot, Myles Landon, Chase Young, Trenton Ducati, Shay Michaels, Brandon Wilde