Slutty Threeway Twinks

DVD Porn GayAugust 27, 2022

It’s so good to have friends with whom you get along so well that you’re willing to share things with them that you can’t with anyone else. Like another guy, cock, ass and hole. This is the kind of friendship we see between Xavier Ryan, Billy Saint, Justin Cross, Adam Strong, Chris Summers, Zach Love, Jackson Wright, Justin Stone, David Sky, Daniel Hausser and Blair Knight in the Slutty Threeway Twinks. These friends do what their friends do when you are young, excited, and horny. From fucking in a strip club at a boys’ party to helping a friend with his hard work so you can go shopping at the mall. Three sexy young men do naughty things with their bodies in the name of friendship and being a real sex buddy!

Studio: Southern Strokes
Duration of the performance: 01:22:48

Year: 2020