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Brazil Underground

Brazil Underground

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PETRICK GARCIA is at the local gloryhole, when every bottom’s dream shows up – ADONNIS and his stunning uncut cock. They share a joint and then Adonnis shares his dick, revealing it and then sticking it through the hole for Petrick to enjoy.

Adonnis moves over to Petrick’s booth so he can be serviced and fuck face. To Petrick’s delight, that man meat is soon penetrating his hole ? which apparently sends the bottom over the edge because after a few minutes as he starts to nut uncontrollably.

If you are a bottom and you cannot take dick after you cum, the moral of that story is do not cum until after your top does! Petrick leads his discovery to a back room with a fuck table. Adonnis lies back and Petrick sits on his cock, riding the shaft and trying to milk it with his hole. The top gets the bottom on his back and starts to pound his ass. Petrick cums a second time and the spasms from his hole get Adonnis to cum deep inside.

WOOFPIGBOY is a big Treasure Island fan as is evident by the TIM logo tattoo on his chest. GABRIEL SANTANNA has a nice uncut cock that he loves to have serviced as much as he loves to fuck hole and breed.

After a little dick sucking and ass eating, Gabriel’s cock is planted deep in Woof’s ass as he takes the aggressive top from behind on all 4s.

Some dick to mouth action and Woofpigboy is riding Gabriel’s cock. Back to sucking his dick. Back to tasting his ass on the man’s rod.

We love the moment that a top decides he is ready to cum. You can almost see it when Gabriel tosses Woofpigboy back on all 4s and impales him with his cock, fucks him with no mercy and unleashes his jizz in the cunt giving Woofpigboy no other choice that to take the load.

CHRISTIAN HUPPER is lucky to get the cocks of BOTH ADONNIS and MAVERSON CARIOCA at one time. He is like a kid in a candy store with so much huge uncut meat to worship.

Adonnis loves hole. He licks and fingers it before sliding his cock in and opens it up. He begins to fuck as Christian continues to suck on Maverson’s dick and lick his balls. He is surrounded on both ends by dick. Damn, Adonnis’ cock looks good as he fucks.

Christian rides Adonnis as Adonnis suckles on Maverson’s cock. Christian cannot hold back and shoots a load all over the top’s belly which Adonnis licks up right before he shoots his own load into the bottom. Freshly lubed with his buddy’s jizz, Maverson slides in and fucks the bottom until he cums. The guys end in a sweet 3-way kiss.

VITOR GUEDES is a man’s man with an impressive stick of cock between his legs. PETRICK GARCIA steps up and is happy to take care of Vitor’s needs. The top uses Petrick’s mouth and then lies on the bed so that Petrick can fuck himself on the shaft. Petrick is not riding the cock good enough so, Vitor takes matters into his own hands and starts to fuck the hole, thrusting up and hard to open the ass. That seems to get the bottom understanding how to ride dick and Petrick starts to clench down and fuck it hard. He starts to cream all over Vitor’s cock ? whether it is pussy juice, pre-cum or the load he took earlier in the day, we don’t know.

Vitor gets Petrick on his back and fucks him good. Then stands the bottom up near the mirror so he can watch himself ram the ass and get his cock as deep as he can. There is some great fucking in this scene. The guys go back to the bed and fuck in several different positions making Petrick jerk a load out. Vitor continues to fuck away.

In a move that still has us scratching our heads wondering what he was thinking, Vitor pulls out and cums all over Petrick’s face and mouth. We know!!! Guess some tops like to see their nut? Or maybe Vitor likes the taste of his own cum judging by how he makes sure to lick up any stranded shots still on Petrick’s face!

“FUCK ME” says the tattoo on TAVINHO’s ass. Further down is another tattoo that says “DADDY”. The bottom makes it pretty clear what he wants.

JAVITO and KEMPES are our kind of muscle burly bearded leathermen daddies. They are of prime potent breeding age, spreading their seed in whatever hole they can find to dump it in. They are also the perfect tag team duo who love to share ass whenever they can.

After some quick and easy foreplay, Javito has Tavinho on all 4s and his curved dick in the hole while Kempes eggs him on and has his cock sucked.

The men take turns fucking the pussy. As Javito slides in, Kempes spreads the ass cheeks and spits on his bro’s cock so it is plenty wet. When the hole is open, Kempes slides his fat dong in and fucks.

Some back and forth and the men position the bottom so they can double fuck him ?we think these tops are really getting off on each other and their buddy’s dick and the hole is just a hole for them to enjoy as buddies like to do. His cock fucking against his pal’s, the foreskin against foreskin inside a tight hole makes Kempes cum and he shoots his load.

Javito keeps his cock in and in one of our favorite cumshots ever, Kempes grabs onto Javito’s dick while it is in Tavinho’s ass and jacks it until it cums and then sticks it back in so every last drop of sperm goes in Tavinho.

PETRICK GARCIA is back at the sex club trolling for cock and cum. He starts by sucking his new buddy ADONNIS until he realizes there is more meat down the hall. He discovers THE BIG LUCAS and ALVARO AUGUSTO dicks out and hard and looking for something to fuck.

Petrick wastes no time in servicing all 3 dicks and while they enjoy getting sucked, the tops make a beeline for Petrick’s ass to make sure he knows they are there to breed. The Big Lucas gets it in first, opening up the hole. Adonnis shoves in next and plows his cock in and out, thrusting hard and quick. Alvaro Augusto fucks next making good use of the hole and ramming in hard with each thrust. So much never-ending dick, Petrick is soon up to his nose in cock.

That was just Part One!

The men move to a back room where there is more space to fuck and DOUBLE fuck as they take turns sticking their dicks in the hole 2 at a time in different pairings. All the cock fucking up against cock soon has the 3 tops dumping their loads and breeding Petrick’s well used hole good.

We have seen some gangbangs in our time, but this one is nuts.

JOTTAE SOUZA is on the bed in his tightie whitie underwear that WOOFPIGBOY quickly rips open. Across the room. 11 other men are standing with dicks out waiting their turn to fuck the hole.

Once this train gets going, there is no stopping the men as one after the other they climb on, shove their cock in the ass and fuck it, then clear out for the next dick. The men show off for each other and as the fucking continues each stallion is a little hornier and a little more brazen.

Some of our favorite top men are DEEL BLACK whose tight little body sports a huge sized cock that he knows how to pound away with…

DAVI LOBO the handsome and hung bearded top that fucks good. Of course, WOOFPIGBOY who acts as a ringleader corralling all the tops and making sure they all have equal access to the hole as they need it.

The first round of fucking is followed by some double fucking and a quick fucking session. Then the cum starts to fly as all the men make it their mission to breed JOTTAE and make sure his ass is full of cum before he leaves. GUILHERME SILVA nuts first, fucking his load in for the other guys to use as cum. THE BIG LUCAS, Deel, SPENCER ALBERTO, BRUNO MARTINEZ cum one after the other and MIGUEL SALLES busts a nut so big even Woofpigboy seems astonished at all the cum!

Woof is on clean up duty, tasting each cock after it shoots. At the end, he mounts Jottae’s butt himself and rams away until he adds his load to the cummy mess.




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