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Cabin Crew Frenzy

Cabin Crew Frenzy

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Who hasn’t sat on a plane and fantasised about the cute, smartly-coutured male stewards who serve you drinks and make sure that your (almost!) every need is catered for?

Well fantasise no longer, as the boys of Twink Sky Airlines show you just how hot the Mile High Club can be. Jetting all over the world – and meeting more than their fair share of cock and cum in the process – these dirty-minded ‘Trolley Dollies’ suck and fuck as if their Air Miles account depended on it! Prepare for take-off, and the ‘flight’ of your lives!

You have to be of a certain disposition to be an air-steward. After all, it wouldn’t suit everyone to spend so much time having to travel, or to pass pretty much every night in another hotel in another city. Yet the job does have its perks – as Adam Hart and Ian Samson demonstrate when they book into their double room for a horny stop-over. For these two fashionable, floppy-haired air-bunnies can’t wait to strip out of their uniform and to relax in each other’s company – which naturally means making the most of the double-bed! Indeed, it’s not very long before both lads are slurping off each other’s meaty, uncut cocks; before Hart gives his colleague and real good rimming, then thrusts his raw shaft deep inside Samson’s crack. It’s the sort of ride that young Samson clearly enjoys, as he gets taken in every direction imaginable – culminating in Hart splattering his ass with a thick jet of Czech cream! In return, Hart takes a very generous face-load of jizz from his mate – the kind that’ll have you fuckers jerking like crazy!

They might not have much of a home life, but these cabin boys sure as fuck enjoy the sweet luxuries of their employment – as Daniel Wood and Nick Gill are only too eager to demonstrate when they head for their hotel room (and its rather decadent bath-tub) to enjoy a very wet but passionate session together. Not that they actually remain in the water for very long, it must be said. Their clear craving for dick means that they’re soon back out again – first for a sensuous session of 69-ing, and then for a raw, back-banging cock-ride that’ll have you drooling in appreciation. Wood, as always, is the perfect bottom – a lad who knows exactly how to take cock for the camera – and it’s no surprise that he should ultimately provide us with a stunning blast of cum whilst working himself up and down Gill’s shaft. Not that his appetite for the occasion appears in any way diminished thereafter, as he kneels before Gill and takes a mouthful of gloop like the unrivalled little whore that we’ve come to know and love!

If it’s hot, cute twinks you want then look no further than this dirty little set-piece featuring dark-haired Carl Baxter and gorgeous blondie, Seal Marty. Heading to their hotel room together at the end of another “hard” day in the skies, these two youngsters are soon smooching away on the bed in their underwear – though needless to report it isn’t very long before the said garments are being manfully removed! From which point onwards Marty seems singularly determined to prove that his cock-sucking skills are second to none, feasting on Baxter’s knob-end in every position imaginable! In hindsight, of course, maybe he’s just trying to delay the inevitable sacrifice that’s expected of his tight little ass – but if that’s the case he really shouldn’t have worried. Baxter’s gonna get the fill of his crack no matter how much he procrastinates; and indeed the subsequent coupling is every inch as hot as you’d hope! As is the sight of Marty taking a face-load of his colleague’s cream soon afterwards.

It might be because he’s clearly a year or two older, but Jack Ashrafi clearly can’t take the pace of his younger colleagues – savouring a moment’s shut-eye between flights. Young Adam Hart has other ideas for the fellow, however. He’s a sordid little fucker if ever there was one, and he’s barely entered the room before he’s rubbing his hand over Ashrafi’s crotch and slowly working his colleague into a state of conscious delirium. Needless to report, it isn’t long before Beauty has awoken – and, believe us, he’s not complaining! In fact, he seems only too happy to watch as Hart gives an even more impassioned blow-job on his thick, aching tool. Which is just as well to be honest because this is one young chap who’s not gonna be content until he’s worked a big creamy load out of his colleague – a wad that he eventually finds splattered all over his young, expectant face! Little wonder that he dumps a fine spray of jizz all over his own belly in appreciation.

He’s cheeky, he’s chirpy – we defy anyone not to be charmed by the whiles and guiles of young Ali Montero! – so it’s little wonder that he should make the perfect air-steward. As we all know, however, his first love will always be dick – which might not be good news for the airline industry, of course, but which is perfect news for his colleague, Simon Slash, who (as quickly becomes clear) has an appetite for cock to match! Indeed, having arrived in their hotel room for the night, it’s only a matter of seconds before these two beauties are feasting off each other’s ramrods and dreaming of all the excitable pleasures to cum! In the end, however, it’s Montero who gets the greatest share of excitement, as Slash parts the young Mexican’s legs and thrusts his beefy Czech pole deep inside his guts. To a born-to-be-a-bottom slut-boy like Montero it’s the perfect conclusion to the coupling; made only more enjoyable by the fact that Slash seals their encounter by spurting the entire contents of his balls over his face!

Maybe it’s the brandy they’re drinking that’s doing the talking, but even so it’s hard to deny the physical attraction between Tonny Ross and Todd Reid as they arrive at their hotel room for an otherwise uneventful evening together. Indeed, neither boy seems able to keep his hands off the other, as they first smooch on the sofa and then strip off each other’s uniforms. The temperature is rising for sure, and it’s no wonder that they are soon taking turns to suck cock and sizing up each other’s holes. For the fact of the matter is that both these lads want to feel the tight pleasure of having your ass stretched to the max, and neither fellow is gonna be happy until that’s exactly what’s happened. So, having taken every hard inch of Ross’ ramrod to the hilt, it’s a case of the lads switching roles and Reid thrusting his own cock into Ross in return. It’s an egalitarian approach, that’s for sure; and it’s ultimately matched by the fact that both guys take turns to erupt into each other’s mouths! Flip-flopping sex has never looked so hot!




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