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How The British Fuck

How The British Fuck

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Lucky Joe and David Eten – DAVID ETEN is out in a British garden servicing LUCKY JOE’s impressive uncut UK cock. Joe wants to fuck and quickly bends David over the Union Jack table and slides right in for an aggressive ass pounding. David then sits on the dick and gives it a good ride before the two move into the bedroom. After some rimming Joe starts to fuck to breed. He pins David to the bed and fucks his load deep in the hole.

Blue Bailey, Freddy Wolfe and Will Ride – BLUE BAILEY is ready, crouched with hole fully exposed for WILL RIDE’s thick uncut cock. FREDDY WOLFE positions his mouth to be right at the point of entry. Will alternates between shoving his cock in Blue’s hole and then directly into Freddy’s waiting gob. A quick change of position and Freddy starts to power fuck Bailey’s ass, and then passes the infamous hole back to Will. Freddy gets so worked up, he feeds Blue his load while the bottom is riding Will’s shaft. Will intensely fucks as he gets pushed over the edge – much to the delight of Blue who then jerks off into Freddy’s eager mouth.

Jake Ascott and Leoman – LEOMAN – horny and sweaty after working all day – shows up to get fucked by the always-sexy JAKE ASCOTT. The little muscle slut pup is quickly undressed and servicing Jake’s Italian meat with the thick uncut hood, begging to get fucked. Jake doesn’t have to be asked twice ? he throws Leoman on the bed and mounts the hole, pounding it hard with his uncut meat until he breeds it.

Blue Bailey and Jessy Karson – It’s good to see that JESSY KARSON gives as good as he gets. The moment the clothes are off, he takes control of the situation and of BLUE BAILEY, first putting his dick in Blue’s mouth and without mercy ramming his cock into Blue’s hole. Jessy then begins to use Blue every which way he can think of. On the bed on his back, in multiple positions on the couch, on all fours and then back on the bed with his legs in the air so he can take the sperm. We love the way Blue Bailey loves to take cum in his hole!

Alan Knight and John Connery – We first met Scotsman JOHN CONNERY in UK BEEF BANGERS fucking Dawson. He brought fellow Scottish beef ALAN KNIGHT to Liam so they could fuck each other on camera. John and Alan love going at each other. Alan gets fucked first in different positions before presenting his wide-open gaping hole for John’s cum. Then John returns the favor ? well honestly ? we don’t think he had a choice, when Alan announces it is his turn and shoves his fat cock up the arse and slams away he cums. After the breeding, stick around to see John showing Liam how he can fuck himself with his own cock. For real!

Blue Bailey and David Eten – We think that Blue was supposed to fuck David in this scene but David had something else in mind. Blue Bailey’s hole is so irresistible that even other bottoms want to breed it! Some foreplay later and David is suddenly inside Blue pile driving his dick in and out until he cums.

What Elder Antonio Can’t See – Elder Antonio, Dolf Dietrich, Sam Porter and Drew Sebastian – The WHAT I CAN’T SEE series resonates in such a way that we are always getting bottoms asking if they can be blindfolded and not told who is coming to fuck them. ELDER ANTONIO asked Liam if he could make this fantasy a reality and Liam was happy to oblige. Elder is taken to a basement dungeon, blindfolded and put on all 4s on a mattress. DOLF DIETRICH, SAM PORTER and DREW SEBASTIAN are the unknown top men who show up to use the helpless bottom. The 3 men take turns using Elder ? first on the floor and then toss him like a ragdoll on to a fuck table where they keep both his holes filled until they all breed him.




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