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I Love My Teacher

I Love My Teacher

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Along with a bit of kink and fetish in the mix, these adorable Latin twinks remind us of the days when we learned a thing or two from more experienced boys. The teachers give pointers on things like giving a good hand job, or cock sucking techniques. One boy learns the art of foot sucking and how to give a foot job. Another learns that a banana isn’t the same as a big uncut cock, when shoved up his skinny twin ass. If you enjoy watching the innocence of youth play out, in captivating erotic encounters, this collection deserves a place in your library of twink lust.

Scene one: Alfredo and Jimmy

Alfredo is teaching Jimmy how to be a porn star, which seems more like an excuse to fuck the boy. He gets Jimmy naked and fingers his ass, before sliding his big uncut cock in. Then he fucks the skinny and smooth Latin twink all over the sofa. With Jimmy on his back, Alfredo pounds the cum out of him and then strokes his load onto the bottom boy’s leg. Porn star, or not, Jimmy gets five stars for taking that big dick up his tight little ass.

Scene two: Francisco and Ricky

Francisco is teaching Ricky the finer details of masturbation. After getting the Latin twink naked and strokes his cock hard and then gets his dick out for the boy to practice on. Next he licks Ricky’s cock, before taking both dicks in hand and stroking them at the same time. A little more dick licking follows, before he introduces Ricky to a foot job. After pleasuring the young man he asks Ricky to try it on him. He then treats Ricky to some more double dick stroking, before having the boy sit in his lap. There, Francisco delivers a hand job that results in a massive cum gusher. Finally, Francisco gets little Ricky on all fours and strokes his load onto the boy’s butt.

Scene three: Juan Carlos and Cristobal

Juan Carlos makes up a BS story about how he is going to help Latin twink Cristobal to wake up his senses to smell, taste and touch. Cristobal knows he’s getting fed a line, but doesn’t care, because he really wants to get fucked by this seasoned top. Juan blindfolds the boy and strips him naked. Then he takes a banana and rubs it around his asshole. After licking some of the fruit off the boy’s butt, he gets naked and rubs his big stiff dick on Cristobal’s ass and face. The he has the boy suck his dick, while he fingers Cristobal’s hole. Finally the moment Cristobal has been waiting for. Juan bends him over, slides his big meat in from behind, and fucks the boy silly. After enjoying that tight little ass, in several positions, Juan pulls out to watch Cristobal cum on himself.

Scene four: Mario and Lorenzo

Mario is giving Latin twink Lorenzo some pointers on how to suck dick. He gets the skinny boy naked and goes down on him, as he explains how to use his tongue to gently lick a stiff cock. Next it’s Lorenzo’s turn to try, so Mario pushes his pants down to let the boy suck on his big uncut cock. From there the boys move to a 69 where they suck and finger each other. The oral exchange continues until both are ready to release. Mario pumps out a cum gusher all over his smooth tummy and Lorenzo adds his load to the sticky mess.

Scene five: Samir and Jimmy

Samir has offered to show Latin twink Jimmy what it’s like to have oral sex with another boy. He leans in for a kiss and starts groping the young man’s package. Jimmy quickly gets hard and Samir releases his cock to suck on it. Then he moves down to lick the boy’s balls and ass. Now it’s Jimmy’s turn to try, and Samir feeds him his big stiff cock to suck on. A long oral exchange follows, until little Jimmy cums all over himself, while getting his balls and hole licked. Then Samir kneels over the boy and strokes his load onto Jimmy’s cum soaked belly.

Scene six: Sebastian and Valentin

Sebastian has a foot fetish and wants to show Valentin how it can enhance the sexual experience. Valentin just wants to get fucked and is willing to go along with Sebastian’s wishes, if it means getting that Latin cock stuffed up his skinny twink ass. Sebastian starts off teaching Valentin the art of foot licking and then shows him how to give a foot job, with a bit of dick sucking in the mix. He then shoves his big toe up the boy’s butt, before sliding his cock in and fucking Valentin. The skinny bottom is now in the place he wants to be, as Sebastian fucks him silly. Finally, the boys stroke out two cum gushers to bring this fetish filled romp to a close.

Scene seven: William and Brian

William wants to show Brian how two bottoms can enjoy gay sex with the use of dildos. He gets the skinny and smooth Latin boy naked and goes down on his uncut cock. After Brian is boned up he pulls down William’s pants and starts sucking his big cock. The two enjoy some ass play, before William gets his legs in the air to receive some plastic dick. Brian fucks his Latin ass with a dildo, until he’s ready for some anal stimulation. William licks the boy’s hole and then pushes in a sex toy. Brian eventually ends up on his back, getting fucked with a dildo, as he cums on his smooth belly. Then William kneels over him and strokes out his load.

Starring: Ricky (II), Mario, Alfredo, Lorenzo, Cristobal, Valentin, Samir, Sebastian (III), William (II), Jimmy (III), Brian (IV), Francisco, JC (Juan Carlos)




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