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Latin Big Guns

Latin Big Guns

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KI KE MARIO (pronounced key-que) surrenders to his baser instincts, his mouth, nothing more than a plaything with pretty lips for MAXIMO PUGA’s primal pleasures. Led by lust, Ki ke offers no resistance to his fate, his throat is just a hole for cock. And with his eyes rolled far back into his head, he loses any sense of self beyond the cock being fucked into his throat.

Savored as if it were a last meal, the fuckhole is truly living for the moment. Maximo’s meat is ready for duty and the bottom is begging for breeding, Maximo massacres Ki ke’s culo. Blow after blow, his cock hammers into the boy’s backside. Finally, he unleashes a huge hail of fire upon the hungry hole, coating it completely with repeat spurts of slimy seed.

We love Maximo ? a true swimmer’s build with a surprising HUGE cock hiding in his jeans.

Cornered in the kitchen, beautiful and exotic LUVAN LEROY finds himself sandwiched between ALBERTO PAZ and TENOCH SANZ’s butt breaking dick bulges. Taking aim, each of them targets and fills the warm wet hole, stretching it open, priming LUVAN for a power pounding.

The need to nut takes over and the two tops get out of the mess hall and into the messy hole. Moving from kitchen to bedroom turns up the heat as they tag team and tear into Luvan and his eager manhole.

The boys don’t hold back, BANG, BANG, BANGING that bottom and making him their bitch. Unleashing their uncut ass wrecking arsenal, leaves that puta in a puddle of fresh cum.

FERNANDO OSPINA seems to have a soft spot for SANTIAGO FERREIRA. But don’t let that fool you, he also has a raging hard-on cocked and ready to bust his amigo’s asshole harder than a .30-caliber Winchester.

Santiago swallows Fernando fully to the base of his cock, showing the big dick breeder how much he needs to be filled with cock. Fernando is hungry too and flips his horny buddy over and eats his ass out.

Ready to ride, Fernando is a true cock caballero! He mounts Santiago’s sweet smooth hole, sliding his dick into the cunt, fucking him down, dominating him and not letting his hole get away. Fernando fucks the cum out of Santiago, before letting his own load blast out of his cock and into the wet hole making it even wetter with cum.

Fernando is truly our kind of top man!

Staring down the dicks of EVIEL LAREDO & MATADOR CHE like a double barrel shotgun we find CHINO polishing off the pair of rock-hard cocks like his life depends on it.

The twosome of tops take charge of Chino’s tight ass and position the hungry pig to take their cocks for some good ol’ fashion spit roastin’ sodomy. It’s hard to tell who is greedier – the tops or the bottom – as they work the pig open giving him a double fuck that he’ll be feeling for a while.

With Chino stretched and sloppy, the boys can easily access the deepest depths of his hole, where they drill their dicks down to deliver an overflow of semen that has the little slut soaked in seed. The surprised look on the bottom boy’s face when he shoots his own load while a big cock is still inside is priceless.

PABLO ACOSTA is guns blazing ready to blow his babies in BUBU IRENE’s innards! He feeds him the length of his cock and is glad to see the whore doesn’t try and resist.

Turning his attention to Bubu’s butthole, Pablo pounds his dick deeper and deeper into the boy, tearing into and stretching out the bitch’s backside. With his hole wide and gaping, Bubu begs to be flooded out and Pablo pours the full contents of his balls into the willing bottom’s hole.

We love the way Pablo teases the bottom during this scene and makes him beg for his big cock and tell him how much he likes it, but you know ? one can tell ? this is ALL about Pablo’s fat meat and the superior top man getting his nut off. And he does it with a smile!

ERICK DEJA and LEO RIVERA have MANO BASTIDAS in their sights! The big dicked duo take aim at Mano’s holes, impaling the hungry bottom in place. Erick goes first with his thick fat meat opening up Mano’s pussy.

They pummel and pound Mano in every direction, using him like a cheap slut until both men spew massive cum loads into his ass with each throbbing cock pulse. Mano’s asshole is left a sloppy overflowing mess of cum.

This is a true tag team session ? we love how Erick and Leo trade off and take turns ? egging their bud on to stretch open and fuck the hole and get it hot and wet for one another’s fine dicks. The two fuck pals do their best to NOT cum until Leo cannot hold back any longer and gets the fuck chute good and wet for Erick to use his fresh sperm as lube and finish himself off.

EVIEL LAREDO lays down his dick as he digs out DUBAI SILVESTRE’s sweet butt. Dubai doesn’t know what hit him as his ass is assaulted with heavy fire from Eviel’s aggressive fuck thrusts. His hole is turned upside down and pummeled into submission until finally filled with Eviel’s final blow.

EVIEL is one of our favorite tops in LATIN BIG GUNS ? handsome good looks and an impressive uncut rock hard cock that fucks like it has a will of its own. He was good in the earlier 3-way, but he (and his rod) shines in this 1-on-1 with Dubai ? especially when he sits down and make the kid ride his meat. Then again when Dubai positions himself in the plough position and Eviel uses his hole like a human fleshlight. When he cums, even Eviel seems surprised at the size of his load!

NACHO RUIZ gets topped off with double portion dick and nut sauce. DANILO PEREZ and KAYSER MAGNUM give this kid the royal treatment taking turns turning him out, breeding him deep and leaving him leaking.

When KAYSER showed up on TIMSUCK, we got a lot of requests to see him fuck and we were happy when Adan got him back to pound some hole. Watch the other top Danilo during the scene, we think he wanted Kayser to fuck him too! And who could blame him? Kayser is the star of this scene ? well ? his magnum size dick helps. Favorite moment is when Danilo jerks off Nacho as Kayser is close to cumming, making the bottom squirt against his will that sets off a chain reaction starting with Kayser’s huge cumload being squeezed out by the bottom’s pulsating pussy. Danilo gets so excited, Kayser steps aside so his top bud can cum and the alpha top drips his last drops of jizz into Nacho’s mouth.




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