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Massive Monsters

Massive Monsters

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In the depths of the Czech Republic lies a small town which is full to bursting with young guys, all of whom boast the biggest cocks ever captured on camera! Is it for real? Or is it a myth? Only you can be the judge as thirteen of the hottest sex-gods imaginable unzip their pants to unleash their massive monsters!

Cock Measurement

We’re not sure about you, but the educational system sure seems to have changed tremendously since we went to college. For one thing, were teachers ever as sexy as Milos Zambu is here? Secondly, did they ever have lessons like the one portrayed here? Well, not that we remember – but then, of course, we didn’t attend this fabulous institute of academia, where the only subject on the curriculum appears to be sex, and where homework involves measuring your cock and bringing back the results. Unfortunately for Jesse Shaw, he’s forgotten all about his assignment – which is unbelievable, we know, but there we have it – so it’s down to dyed-blond, Saul Maxwell, to give him a helping hand. Not to mention an open mouth and an equally vacuous ass! The result is a tremendous threesome that’ll have you jerking off time and time again, as uber-twink Maxwell bounces his way off Shaw’s cock and onto that of his teacher! Believe us, the world of hard study has never looked so utterly appealing!

A Workroom Full Of Cocks

It’s not just the college kids who are sex-mad in this town, and is it any wonder? With mega-hung pups on the corner of pretty much every street it’s no great marvel that every resident guy around seems to think of cock 24/7! Including grease-monkeys Franco Gregorio and Jacob Bishop, who interrupt Denis Marpol from his work to examine the size of his spanner! Needless to say, we’re not exactly talking about serious mechanics here. No, the only spanner these lads are interested in is the one that Marpol keeps tucked away in his green overalls, which they very promptly unleash from its resting place. Cue a slobbery session of cock-sucking and animalistic grunting from these beauties, which ultimately results in Marpol’s sweet little ass getting fingered and fucked! The sight of the young beauty being spit-roasted is a definite highlight. As is that of (first) his face and (then) his ass being splattered with cum. You have been warned!

Policeman’s Fly

It might seem a tad unfair, but sometimes you have to use a little charm to get the wheels of justice to move in your favour – as Lucas Leung discovers when he’s hauled before police-officer, Marcel Bimore, accused of theft. Actually, it isn’t so much his charm that he uses – which admittedly he appears to possess in spades – as his mouth and his cock, first by gorging on Bimore’s oversized knob-end like the near-professional whore that he is, and then by lifting his one leg onto the officer’s desk so that Bimore can thrust his unsheathed shaft deep inside his pert little ass. It’s not exactly the sort of criminal justice system that we would like to see operate in reality, of course, but in terms of porn it’s exactly the sort of scenario that’s gonna get you working your boner to ecstasy! Bimore, in particular, is just as sexy as ever; whilst Leung’s twinkish manner never seems to betray him. In short, another definite must-see!

A Great Ride In The Gym Changing Room

Fresh from his antics with Marcel Bimore in the previous scene, Lucas Leung proves once again what a top-notch slut he actually is – this time in the company of beefy Jacob Bishop and the ever-horny Neil Cross, who he interrupts getting close-up and personal in a locker-room. Suffice it to say that it isn’t many minutes before the young beauty – whose reputation no doubt precedes him! – has become the focal-point of attention. That, of course, is no great wonder. It seems everyone in this town knows him as a guy who loves raw cock pounding his arse – a point that he’s only too willing and eager to demonstrate here. First Cross gets a ride; then Bishop bangs the young beauty up and down on his lap, which (all too quickly) results in Bishop spurting the contents of his balls into Leung’s hungry pucker. Still not satisfied, Leung then takes Cross’ pent-up load (plus Bishop’s second offering) over his face. If you’re still holding on to your load by the end of this fuck-fest then it’ll surely be a miracle!

A Horny Office Fuck

By this point, of course, we’ve pretty much ascertained beyond question that this is a town like no other – a place where every guy, from student to policeman to mechanic, is obsessed with cock! But director, Vlado Iresch, still has one more point to make, as he takes us to Ray Weil’s office for a stunning foursome that’ll have you squeezing out the last remaining drops of cum you have in you. Pride of place here goes to young Sam Brooks, a dark-haired beauty who deep-throats Weil’s horse-sized cock without the slightest hint of a gag-reflex; before mounting the monster and giving it (surely!) the ride of its life. Meanwhile, Cam Vickers pumps away at Eric Harper’s ass; until the two bottoms swop their mounts for a second round of guttural, sweaty pleasure. By the time that Weil has summoned his underlings to spray their thick, creamy wads over his own face, chances are you’ll be spent and satisfied. If not, then maybe bareback gay porn isn’t your sort of thing after all.




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