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Sweaty Dirty Twinks

Sweaty Dirty Twinks

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Are you a fighter or a lover? Curtis and Tony and just getting in some last-minute practice before their first fights this weekend. Tony starts hitting the pads first while Curtis holds them. After a while, they switch. But Curtis doesn’t last long and taps out. They make their way to the couch, where Curtis begins touching himself. Tony’s hand makes its way over to Curtis’s crotch. They then start rubbing each other’s dicks through their satin boxing shorts. Curtis takes Tony’s shorts off, bends over, and sucks his dick while Tony rubs on Curtis’s ass. They then switch positions so Tony can work on Curtis’s dick, making sure it is nice and hard. They then flip on their sides, and Curtis begins fucking Tony. He pumps his ass while holding Tony’s leg up. Tony then rides Curtis before taking dick while on his back. Cutis fucks until he pulls out and dumps his load all over Tony. Curtis then sucks the cum right out of Tony’s dick.

Sometimes, boys just want to have fun. And what better fun than playing in the mud, the way we once used to? But fun and games always lead to the most fun game of all. At least where Payton Connor, Daniel Hausser and Adam Strong are concerned. And yes, we’re talking sex. The three start making out, and soon Daniel and Adam are on their knees, worshiping Payton’s huge cock and cum-heavy balls. The three progress to get even more down and dirty, with the lovely Daniel spit-roasted, taking Payton raw. Then it’s Adam’s turn to get fucked bareback by the monster hung twink. Except Daniel loves getting pounded and returns to take it, on his back, before impaling himself and riding Payton. Adam gives himself the same treatment and rides the hung blond while sucking Daniel before getting showered–quite literally–with Payton’s load, which he and Daniel share.

Do you remember your first time? Ian and Jacob have been friends since the third grade. They never really got close as kids but developed a new type of relationship once they grew up. It wasn’t until last summer that they both came out to each other and decided they would be each other’s first. Well, today was that day. They start with some kissing. Ian then makes his way down Jacob’s chest until he reaches his cock. He teases it with his mouth and then switches with Jacob, who isn’t interested in teasing. He takes Ian’s cock between his lips and begins to suck. Ian loves how warm Jacobs’s mouth is, but really does wants to suck on Jacob too. After he does, he bends Jacob over the couch to get fucked. Jacob has been ready and waiting for this so long that his hole opens right up for Ian. They fuck all over the couch until Jacob is ready to cum. He rides Ian’s big cock, stroking his own until creamy jizz starts pouring out. Ian then pulls out and shoots his load all over Jacob.

Tossing the old pigskin around on his own, Jackson Reed is momentarily surprised when Justin Cross snatches the ball from him mid-air. But Jackson doesn’t really need to toss around a pigskin. Not when he’s a pig, himself. A pig for cock, that is! The tattooed and scruffy hottie, clad in a red and yellow jockstrap, with matching knee-highs and baseball cap, wastes little time in swallowing Justin’s big cock. Moments later, Jackson squats over Justin’s face in order to get his ass spit-lubed. While Justin does his job, Jackson leans forward and continues sucking the big, thick, throbbing slab of jock meat. Jackson is soon on all fours, pushing his ass back to greet Justin’s forward thrusts. Fucked bareback, into a pleasure-filled delirium, Jackson catches and collects Justin’s load, where it belongs.




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